Drawing Fixatives

Fixative, fixative spray or fixing spray is a way to protect your work. Many drawings become very sensitive to touch and other external influences and fixatives help the colour to stick to the surface. Especially charcoal, graphite and pastel drawings need to be fixed in order to last, if possible we also recommend glazing the works for best durability. Most fixatives contain a resin dissolved in alcohol that becomes a thin layer on the work once it has dried.

To fix your drawing, place it on a flat, horizontal surface and spray it from half a metre to one metre away - not too close to the work. The cloud of spray should be allowed to sink slowly over the drawing. As the fixative wets the pigment, it may darken slightly, but it will return to its original colour once the spray has dried. Ideally, this should be done outdoors or at least in a well-ventilated area, as pressurised containers contain propellant gas that should not be inhaled.
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