You know that moment when it suddenly happens. Maybe you see a picture somewhere or hear someone say something in passing, and at the same time you feel a need to write down the thought you just got. You soon notice that all you can think about is to come home and sit at the desk, the easel or on the sofa with the sketchbook and see what that idea can become.

Inspiration is closely linked to creativity. You can have lots of different pencils, colors in varying shades, and brushes that call for use, but if the inspiration is not there, not much will be done. Whether you find it easy to feel inspired or not, most creators probably have weaknesses, when it feels like you have no flow and that everything you create is bad.

It may be worth thinking about how you can most easily get that feeling and get started. Is it by looking at how others do and what others create? Is it by getting new material that you can hardly wait to start using? Or is it perhaps by testing a new technique or a new way of expression that is different from what you usually paint or write?

When the inspiration wears off, or when you just feel like trying something new, then we want to be there for you and shower you with ideas, fun material and knowledge of different forms of creation. We want to evoke the zeal in you and make it itch at your fingertips, that's why this page exists. So click around and discover lots of creativity!

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